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What is a filler text?

Filler text, also known as placeholder text or dummy text, is used to fill a document or webpage when the actual content is not yet available. It is commonly used in design mockups, wireframes, and prototypes to give an idea of how the final product will look and function.

There are several different types of filler text, each with its own specific use and purpose. Lorem Ipsum is one of the most popular and widely used filler text, and is often used in the design and printing industry. This type of filler text is based on a modified version of the Latin text "De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" written by Cicero in 45 BC.

Another popular type of filler text is "greeking", which is used to simulate the look of a foreign language. This can be useful when creating a design that will be translated into multiple languages, as it allows designers to see how the text will look in different languages and make any necessary adjustments.

Filler text can also be used in software development to test the functionality of a program or website. For example, placeholder text can be used to test the functionality of a search bar or form, without needing to input real data.

In summary, filler text is a useful tool for designers, developers and other professionals, as it allows them to create realistic mockups, wireframes and prototypes, and test the functionality of a program or website without using real data.

It's important to note that using filler text in a final product or in public facing projects without replacing it with real content is not recommended.